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占毅楠,刘涛生.战场心理急救:6C模型及应用进展[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2021,42(9):1056-1061
战场心理急救:6C模型及应用进展    点此下载全文 Fulltext
占毅楠1  刘涛生1;2*
1. 海军军医大学(第二军医大学)
心理系精神医学教研室, 上海 200433;
2. 海军军医大学(第二军医大学)
长征医院医学心理科, 上海 200003
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关键词:战斗应激控制  心理急救  急性应激反应  6C模型
Combat psychological first aid: the Six Cs model and application    Fulltext
ZHAN Yi-nan1  LIU Tao-sheng1;2*
1. Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Psychology, Naval Medical University (Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200433, China;
2. Department of Medical Psychology, Changzheng Hospital, Naval Medical University (Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200003, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:Supported by Naval Military Theoretical Research Program in 2020 (202058-80) and Construction Project of Key Disciplines and Specialties in the Army During the "13th Five-Year" Plan-Cultivation of Excellent Teachers (SZC01).
      Military personnel in high-risk mission may experience acute stress reaction and temporary functional damage, which not only endangers the safety of the whole team, but also easily leads to the failure of combat mission. However, the mental health team engaged in combat stress control is far away from the combat mission scene, so it is challenging to provide immediate psychological first aid (PFA). To address this gap, the Israel Defense Forces developed a 5-step intervention (YaHaLOM), which allows ordinary soldiers to provide immediate PFA to the wounded at the scene of combat missions. YaHaLOM is based on the Six Cs (6Cs) model, which stimulate the cognitive communication and shifting the sense of helplessness and passivity to a sense of active and effective functioning among the wounded. YaHaLOM has the advantages of simple and straightforward operation and low training cost, and its effectiveness has also been preliminarily verified, which has a particular enlightening effect on combat stress control of our army.
Keywords:combat stress control  psychological first aid  acute stress reaction  the Six Cs model
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