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段煜东,张子程,李博,程亚军,陈绍丰,李明,周潇逸,魏显招*.低强度脉冲超声在脊髓损伤神经修复中的研究进展[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2021,42(9):1037-1043
低强度脉冲超声在脊髓损伤神经修复中的研究进展    点此下载全文 Fulltext
段煜东  张子程  李博  程亚军  陈绍丰  李明  周潇逸  魏显招*
长海医院骨科, 上海 200433
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关键词:脊髓损伤  低强度脉冲超声  神经修复  神经干细胞
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound in nerve repair of spinal cord injury: research progress    Fulltext
DUAN Yu-dong  ZHANG Zi-cheng  LI Bo  CHENG Ya-jun  CHEN Shao-feng  LI Ming  ZHOU Xiao-yi  WEI Xian-zhao*
Department of Orthopaedics, Changhai Hospital, Naval Medical University (Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200433, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (81900809), Outstanding Talent Training Plan of Health System of Shanghai (2018YQ26), Youth Initial Fund of Changhai Hospital of Naval Medical University (Second Military Medical University) (2018QNA013), and Youth Scientific and Technical Talent Plan of PLA.
      Spinal cord injury has attracted much attention in clinical treatment. As a traumatic disease of central nervous system with high disability rate, spinal cord injury can lead to severe motor, sensory and autonomic dysfunction. And no satisfactory treatment has been found so far. As a physical therapy, low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) can transfer energy non-invasively and has been applied in fracture healing, muscle injury and tissue repair. Experimental studies have found that LIPUS could play an important role in spinal cord injury, and some studies have explored its mechanism in cytology and molecular biology. The research progress was reviewed in this paper.
Keywords:spinal cord injuries  low-intensity pulsed ultrasound  nerve repair  neural stem cells
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