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鄢闻,刘文庸*.基于文献计量学的国内外转化医学研究热点与前沿分析[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2021,42(9):1021-1031
基于文献计量学的国内外转化医学研究热点与前沿分析    点此下载全文 Fulltext
鄢闻  刘文庸*
转化医学研究中心, 上海 200433
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      目的 揭示国内外转化医学领域的研究热点与前沿,为我国相关机构开展转化医学研究提供借鉴。方法 基于文献计量学方法,利用Web of Science数据库及中国知网数据库,分别以“translational medicine”和“转化医学”为主题词,检索国内外2001-2020年转化医学领域相关文献。利用可视化软件CiteSpace和VOSviewer进行计量分析。结果 国内外转化医学研究热点相对吻合,研究热点主要集中在转化医学理念与发展模式、肿瘤诊断与精准治疗、干细胞转化研究、3D生物打印与组织工程、精准医学与基因组学5个方面,其中3D生物打印与组织工程、组学数据分析逐渐成为新的研究趋势。国外研究成果以研究型为主,主要研究内容为肿瘤、干细胞、组织工程、基因组学;而我国研究成果以综述型居多,研究主题侧重探讨转化医学学科建设与人才培养、转化医学平台建设及协作机制等。结论 目前国内外涉及转化医学的研究成果较为丰富,但从总体发展趋势看,我国转化医学研究在发展水平上与国外存在一定的差距。随着精准医疗、大数据分析等前沿技术的发展,我国转化医学应借助创新技术加强资源整合与多方协作,加快技术转化,搭建起基础和临床沟通的桥梁。
关键词:转化医学研究  文献计量学  研究热点  精准医学  生物打印  干细胞
Research focus and frontiers of translational medicine at home and abroad: a study based on bibliometrics    Fulltext
YAN Wen  LIU Wen-yong*
Center of Translational Medicine, Naval Medical University (Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai, 200433, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:
      Objective To reveal the research focus and frontiers of translational medicine at home and abroad, so as to provide references for relevant domestic institutions to carry out translational medicine research. Methods Based on bibliometrics, themes "translational medicine" (in English or in Chinese) was searched in Web of Science and CNKI to retrieve the related literatures from 2001 to 2020. CiteSpace and VOSviewer softwares were used for quantitative analysis. Results The research focuses of translational medicine at home and abroad were relatively consistent, mainly including 5 aspects:translational medicine concept and development model, tumor diagnosis and precision treatment, stem cell translational research, 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering, and precision medicine and genomics. 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering and omics data analysis have become new research trends. The research abroad were mainly original research focusing on tumors, stem cells, tissue engineering and genomics, while the research in China were mostly review focusing on the translational medicine disciplines construction and talents training, translational medicine platform construction and collaboration mechanism and so on. Conclusion There are abundant research achievements related to translational medicine at home and abroad; however, for the overall development trend, there is still a gap between China and foreign countries on the development level. With the development of advanced technologies such as precision medicine and big data analysis, resource integration and multi-institutional collaborations should be strengthened translational medicine research in our country with the assistant of innovative technologies; technology transformation should be accelerated, and the bridge between bench and bedside should be built.
Keywords:translational medical research  bibliometrics  research focus  precision medicine  bioprinting  stem cells
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