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徐汝明,马丽萍*.替格瑞洛影响冠心病患者血浆腺苷浓度的研究进展[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2019,40(6):664-667
替格瑞洛影响冠心病患者血浆腺苷浓度的研究进展    点此下载全文 Fulltext
徐汝明  马丽萍*
长海医院心血管内科, 上海 200433
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关键词:冠心病  替格瑞洛  腺苷  血浆浓度
Effect of ticagrelor on plasma adenosine concentration in patients with coronary heart disease    Fulltext
XU Ru-ming  MA Li-ping*
Department of Cardiovasology, Changhai Hospital, Naval Medical University(Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200433, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:
      Ticagrelor is a novel oral antiplatelet agent. It can inhibit platelet aggregation mediated by adenosine diphosphate (ADP) by directly acting on ADP receptor P2Y12, exerting its antiplatelet function. In addition, ticagrelor showed bioavailability like increasing coronary blood flow, reducing myocardial infarction size and inducing dyspnea. These effects were thought to be closely related to adenosine. However, recent publications about the effect of ticagrelor on plasma adenosine concentration were inconsistent, which may be caused by different determination methods, especially various compositions of stop solution, and different sampling time points. Standardized determination method of plasma adenosine concentration and dynamically monitoring the changes of plasma adenosine after taking ticagrelor may help to further illustrate the influence of ticagrelor on plasma adenosine concentration.
Keywords:coronary disease  ticagrelor  adenosine  plasma concentration
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