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王金虎,杜晓斌,赵绪稳,戴春娟,胡博*,包国强.先天性不对称性联体畸形1例报告[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2020,41(1):115-116
先天性不对称性联体畸形1例报告    点此下载全文 Fulltext
王金虎  杜晓斌  赵绪稳  戴春娟  胡博*  包国强
天津市儿童医院新生儿外科, 天津 300134
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      目的 探讨不对称性联体畸形的临床特征及治疗。方法 介绍2例我院近10年收治的不对称性联体畸形的临床资料,同时结合相关文献进行分析和总结经验。结果 2例不对称性联体畸形诊断明确,经多学科会诊,制定了详细的手术计划,均在全身麻醉下实施不对称联体分离术,术后继续多学科协同治疗。出院后随访,生长发育良好,无明显术后并发症及不良征象。结论 不对称性联体畸形临床罕见,目前唯一的治疗手段是手术切除。术前可通过影像学相关检查对患儿联体部位的局部解剖进行充分的评估,制定完善的手术计划,术中注意操作精细,术后多学科协作制定治疗计划。出院后需对患儿进行长期随访。
关键词:不对称性  联体畸形  手术治疗  新生儿
Congenital asymmetric conjoined twins: a case report    Fulltext
WANG Jin-hu  DU Xiao-bin  ZHAO Xu-wen  DAI Chun-juan  HU Bo*  BAO Guo-qiang
Department of Neonatal Surgery, Tianjin Children's Hosptial, Tianjin 300134, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:
      Objective To investigate the clinical characteristics and treatment of asymmetric syndesmosis. Methods The clinical data of 2 cases of asymmetric syndesmosis admitted to our hospital in recent 10 years were introduced, and the relevant literature was analyzed and summarized. Results The diagnosis of asymmetric syndesmosis was clear in 2 cases. After multidisciplinary consultation, a detailed surgical plan was drawn up. All patients underwent asymmetric syndesmosis under general anesthesia, and multidisciplinary treatment was continued after operation. Follow-up after discharge showed that the patients grew well without obvious complications and adverse signs. Conclusion Asymmetric syndesmosis is rare in clinic. At present, the only treatment is surgical excision. Before operation, the local anatomy of the children"s syndesmosis can be fully assessed by imaging related examinations, and a perfect surgical plan can be drawn up. The operation should be careful during the operation, and the treatment plan can be worked out by multi-disciplinary cooperation after the operation. Long-term follow-up is needed after discharge.
Keywords:asymmetry  syndesmosis  surgical treatment  neonates
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