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薛晨,鲁磊,吕奕鹏,张鹭鹭.基于ArcGIS设计与开发的某方向海军军事医学地理信息系统[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2019,40(6):668-671
基于ArcGIS设计与开发的某方向海军军事医学地理信息系统    点此下载全文 Fulltext
薛晨1  鲁磊2  吕奕鹏3  张鹭鹭1*
1. 海军军医大学(第二军医大学)
卫生勤务学系卫生勤务学教研室, 上海 200433;
2. 解放军61175部队技术保障营, 南京 210049;
3. 联勤保障部队909医院卫勤处, 漳州 363000
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关键词:海军医学  地理信息系统  卫勤保障  管理信息系统
Naval military medical geographic information system based on ArcGIS    Fulltext
XUE Chen1  LU Lei2  LÜ Yi-peng3  ZHANG Lu-lu1*
1. Department of Military Health Service, Faculty of Medical Services, Naval Medical University(Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200433, China;
2. Technical Support Camp, No. 61175 Troop of PLA, Nanjing 210049, Jiangsu, China;
3. Department of Medical Service, No. 909 Hospital of Logistic Support Forces of PLA, Zhangzhou 363000, Fujian, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:
      Focusing on the diversified training environment of the Chinese navy and the peculiar injuries of the soldiers, we created a navy military medical geography information system based on ArcGIS two-dimensional development platform by using the large sample survey data of a certain naval medical support unit. This established system can link the naval injury data, civilian and military health resources and spatial geographic data, contributing to the monitoring and early warning of the navy injury, information management of medical resources, and decision-making in medical support.
Keywords:naval medicine  geographic information system  medical service support  management information system
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