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王恺铖,李励,刘媛媛,高路.早产无创性检测生物标志物研究进展及其应用前景[J].Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University ,2019,40(6):589-594
早产无创性检测生物标志物研究进展及其应用前景    点此下载全文 Fulltext
王恺铖1  李励2  刘媛媛1  高路1*
1. 海军军医大学(第二军医大学)
基础医学院生理学教研室, 上海 200433;
2. 海军军医大学(第二军医大学)
长海医院妇产科, 上海 200433
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关键词:早产  生物学标志物  产前诊断  高迁移率族蛋白质类  微RNAs
Noninvasive biomarkers of premature delivery: research progress and application prospect    Fulltext
WANG Kai-cheng1  LI Li2  LIU Yuan-yuan1  GAO Lu1*
1. Department of Physiology, College of Basic Medical Sciences, Naval Medical University(Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200433, China;
2. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Changhai Hospital, Naval Medical University(Second Military Medical University)
, Shanghai 200433, China
*Corresponding author
Fund Project:
      Preterm birth is one of the most common obstetric complications. In recent decades, the incidence of premature birth remains high throughout the world, and even shows a rising trend in some countries and areas. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms of human parturition and developing the effective prevention and treatment strategies of premature delivery are urgent to improve maternal and fetal health and overall quality of population. Due to the limitation of ethics and testing methods, the prediction and early diagnosis of premature birth have been the primary problem that perplexes obstetricians. Various body fluids, including amniotic fluid, cervicovaginal fluid, urine, saliva and blood, provide rich sources of putative biomarkers that may be causative or reflective of preterm labor. In recent years, the exploration of novel biomarkers for noninvasive detection is in the ascendant, which sheds new lights for the prediction and early diagnosis of preterm labor. This review compares the biomarkers for the detection of preterm birth, and discusses the future prospect.
Keywords:premature birth  biological markers  prenatal diagnosis  high-mobility group proteins  microRNAs
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