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AJSMMU IS A MEMBER OF COPE(Committee on Publication Ethics) AND INDEXED IN:

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Contents Volume 39 Issue 10, 2018


Current situation and thinking of ultrasonic diagnosis of tuberculosis[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in differential diagnosis of pleural-based pulmonary tuberculosis and lung cancer[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Clinical value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound-guided biopsy in early diagnosis of pleural tuberculoma[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Value of ultrasound elastography in diagnosis of cervical tuberculous lymphadenopathy[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Value of intrathoracic contrast-enhanced ultrasound in closed thoracic drainage of pleural effusion[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Application of novel ultrasonic techniques in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis: recent progress[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Magnetic resonance angiography for head and neck arteries of Bama minipig[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Down-regulation of grainyhead-like protein 2 promotes drug resistance of tumor cell to gefitinib by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transformation[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Herpes simplex virus type Ⅰ induces β-amyloid expression in human neuroblastoma cell lines SH-SY5Y[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Effects of phytosterol ester on amino acid profile of rats with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease induced by high fat diet[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Expression and regulation of mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein in uterus during early pregnancy and decidua in mice[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Short-term clinical efficacy of radioactive 125I seed implantation in treatment of pleural recurrence of thymoma[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Interference effect of lentiviral mediated shRNA on expression of MYH14 gene in rat Schwann cells RSC96[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in treatment of choledocholithiasis: research advances[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Research advances of functional magnetic resonance imaging in patients with primary insomnia[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Advances in drug therapy of bronchopulmonary dysplasia[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Medical economic burden in China: progress and prospects[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Investigation of healthcare demands and utilization of naval soldiers during maritime missions[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Improving detection rate of cytogenetic abnormalities of monoclonal plasma cells through quality control cycle activities[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Diagnostic value of small field of view thin slice target scanning of pancreatic artery computed tomography enhanced angiography for pancreatic cancer[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Relationship between blood pressure level and urinary micro-albumin and other influencing factors[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Safety and efficacy of saline-irrigated radiofrequency ablation catheter applied in renal sympathetic denervation[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Castellvi's classification type-Ⅱa lumbarization combined with L5-S2 disc herniation: a case report[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Fungal sinusitis involving ocular misdiagnosed as meningitis: a case report[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


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