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AJSMMU IS A MEMBER OF COPE(Committee on Publication Ethics) AND INDEXED IN:

Excerpta Medica Database  Global Health 
  Scopus Database  Chinese Biomedical Disc
Chemical Abstracts Chinese Medical Current Contents
◆ Cambridge Scientific Abstracts  Chinese Scientific Citation Index
CAB Abstracts Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive     Assessment Index
VINITI Abstracts Journal Chinese Pharmaceutical Abstracts
Index Copernicus

Contents Volume 40 Issue 6, 2019


Noninvasive biomarkers of premature delivery: research progress and application prospect[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Expression of costimulators in mice after allogenetic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and its relationship with acute graft versus host disease[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Serum p75 neurotrophin receptor-extracellular domain level and its relationship with inflammatory factors in patients with chronic cerebral hypoperfusion-vascular cognitive impairment[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Clinical features of 397 patients with Takayasu arteritis: gender and age distribution[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Curative effect of selective screw placement with different screw densities in treatment of LenkeⅠadolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a comparative study[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Correlation between bracing treatment and depression severity in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Mid-term outcomes following valved bovine jugular vein conduit versus autologous pericardium conduit for right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Adverse effect of mirror artifact across trachea on microwave ablation of thyroid nodules[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Prevalence and risk factors of thyroid nodules in physical examination population in Hotan county, Xinjiang[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering technology-based graphene oxide/gold nanorods in detection of circulating tumor cells[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Progress in surgical treatment of inverted nipples[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Criteria, diagnosis and treatment of decreased ovarian function: recent progress[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Effect of ticagrelor on plasma adenosine concentration in patients with coronary heart disease[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Naval military medical geographic information system based on ArcGIS[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Normative analysis of the definition of psychological mobilization[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Kennedy disease: a case report and a systemic review of research in China[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Application of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in stepped treatment of chronic persistent asthma[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Detection of pathogenic bacteria in bacterial liver abscess and the utilization of antibiotics[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Effect of high altitude environment on attention of military drivers[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Physicochemical properties and pharmacokinetics of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin liposomes containing L-asparaginase[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Endotracheal tube displacement caused by posture change during operation: a case report[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


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